Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Pick 2 Menu

Getting started doing anything, unless you really, REALLY want to do it is hard.  I mean, face it.  The first day of your work week is hard.  The first meeting of the first day of work is hard.  Changing.  Is hard.  Even on the smallest of levels.

Changing even the shortest, easiest routine can be challenging.  Adding in one small difference.  Taking away a simple step.  Halting one particular action.  It's hard.

Part of that is the sheer routine of just doing what is easy or natural.  The other part.  Well.  That's the hard part.

It's realizing that you could... and should... do something better.  That all these years, you've been doing something (exercising, brushing your teeth, relationships, exercise, diet, health choices, finances, cleaning, driving)... that could and should be done better.

There's this thing called pride that motivates us to keep going.  Sometimes in a good direction.  Sometimes... in a detrimental direction.  Sometimes... in circles.

Sometimes the hardest part of starting fresh is YOURSELF.  Your brain.  Your EMOTIONS.  Swallowing your idea of what and where and who you are to create a new, fresh picture of who you are.  It can be a bit intimidating.  Or even scary.  Or it could really, really exciting.

And yet, there's again this thing called pride that motivates us to keep going.  Sometimes in a good direction.  Sometimes in a detrimental direction.  Sometimes... in circles.  But changing... that admitting you were in error somewhere.  At some point.  That's just not typical of human nature.  Admitting fault isn't what we feel like we should do.  Taking responsibility isn't something we like to do unless we KNOW it's going to impress.  Admitting we were hurt.  Admitting we chose to STAY where we hurt.  Admitting poor communication skills.  Admitting that you like to gossip.  Admitting that you harbor resentment.  Admitting anger issues.  Admitting selfishness.  Admitting weakness.  Admitting confusion.  Admitting that you're a "judger".  Admitting that you are WRONG.  At any level.

But aren't we all really proud of those people?
The ones who change for their health?  For their relationships?  For themselves?
Aren't we inspired by those who lose tons of weight?  Salvage a marriage?  Restore relationships with kids?  Don't we even, perhaps, in a small way, ENVY them?

So what's stopping you?  What holds you back from being better?  A habit?  A personality trait?  An injury?  A past?  A memory? What is it?

THAT is where you start.  Find it.  Identify it.  And don't let it hold you captive in your own skin any longer.  Those things that ruin your day, control your day.  Those things that affect your outlook, control your thoughts.

Set your mind on things above.  Choose UP.

Challenge yourself every week to do these challenges.  To take one step at a time.  If you're already there, find a hand a hold and gently help another.  Pay it forward.  Never expecting anything in return.  Lose your selfishness in the efforts to help another.

This week's challenge is to Pick 2:
A day of Real Food
A Sugar Free Day
Eat at Home 1 more Time
10 Minutes of Daily Exercise

Just like at Panera.  Pick 2 and enjoy!

A little discipline will take you long way.

A look in the mirror at what lies behind the mask will take you to new places.

A small decision every day... sometimes several times a day... to make a change.  To open your heart to forgiveness, to hope, to joy, to grace, to peacefulness, to rest, to happiness.

One. Small. Choice. At a Time.

Monday, September 23, 2013

{This May Sting a Little}

We are a (stereotypical) culture of indifferent, fat, lazy, comfort-seeking people who want more from our efforts than our efforts warrant. (did I just write that?!?!) (as an opening statement?!?!?)

 It's true.  It doesn't just extend it's ugly selfish head to the younger generations as much as old fogies want to us all to believe.  It's the old farts, too-- just in different ways from a different generation.  We want to invest a little and get a lot in return.  We want to give a little and be "blessed" with much.  We want minimal effort and maximum return.  With our money.  In our relationships.  In our careers.  In our government.  With our health.

We feel {entitled} (conservatives and old folks cringe at the word) to be/have something more than we are/earn.  More than we give.  More than we work for.  If we don't have a job, we expect the government to support us.  If we don't invest in our health, we expect medicine (often funded by the government) to make miracles happen.  If we don't work hard in a career, we still expect higher pay, more days off, and more respect in our field.

We {expect} that others should serve us, love us, give to us, support us even if we don't make an effort to serve THEM, love THEM, give to THEM, or support THEM. 

We {assume} that "things" will and should change even if we do nothing to bring about change.

We are a culture of complacency.
There are always those who break the mold.  Who despise the status quo.  Who abhor mediocrity.  There are those that are not stereotypical Americans.

There are those with dogmatic determination to change the world.  Or at least THEIR world.

And that's what I urge of you.  Change your world.

Get off your laziness, your excuses, your habits, your tushy and MOVE.

Make a move to change your reality.  Create a new place to start.  Where you are.

Start small.  It's less stressful to accomplish something if you think you can actually accomplish it.

For your health:

Do the dumb food challenges.  It's not impossible to save some money by eating at home one more time, not eating any added sugar for 1 day, and eating only REAL food for another.  It's just not that hard.

Move.  Organized, intentional, non-stop moving for a LEAST 10 minutes everyday.  It's 10 minutes.  If you're so addicted to the TV/iPad/internet that you can't go outside and miss 10 minutes of the rerun you watched yesterday or 2 weeks ago or miss a single email as it comes in, then do 10 minutes of nonstop, continuous movement inside.    What does that look like?  Set a timer and walk in place for 10 minutes OR

Do a rotation of exercises and walking in place:
    1. 10 squats, 10 arm raises, 10 leg lifts, 10 rear kicks, 10 arm pushbacks, 3 minutes of walking.  Repeat until 10 minutes is up.
    2. Walk 2 minutes, high knees 30 seconds. Repeat for 10 minutes.
    3. 10 squats, 1 minute of walking, 10 arm raises, 1 minute of high knees, 10 leg lifts, 10 minute of walking, 10 rear kicks, 1 minute of high knees, 10 arm pushbacks, 1 minute of walking.  Repeat.

Be thankful.  Take some time to see how folks in third world countries are living life.  Take some time to look at how the poor in your own city are living.  And stop complaining that you don't have granite countertops.  Or a new car.  Or the latest gadget.  Or manicured nails.  Or color treated hair.  Or not enough hair.  Or a membership to a golf course.  Or a long commute to work.  Or 5 games/practices this week (um, you made that schedule)  Or that you have a fixed income in retirement.  RETIREMENT IS A RICH MAN'S PROBLEM.  Think about it.  You have rich people problems.  Be thankful that your issues are rich people problems. And focus on the THANKFUL.

Stop focusing on what makes you miserable and start focusing on what you happy.  Stop believing you're a victim of this life and start being thankful for your life.  Be thankful that you are in control of your choices.  No one else. 

Invest in relationships.  Work can wait.  Money hasn't made you happy thus far and isn't going to start when you make MORE of it or when you no longer have to work FOR it.  Make a choice to love the ones you love the most.   Do you do that?  Or are you harsh to your family/spouse and gracious to strangers to make a good impression?  Do you choose words that will bring life to your family or do you choose words that tear your family apart?  Do you choose to build up your spouse at home AND in public, or do you degrade with your attitude, your words, your actions?  Do you treat your children with respect or as a piece of property?  Do you treat your CAR with more respect than you treat your spouse and kids?  Are you gracious and loving towards your in laws?  Are you supportive of their choices, whether you understand them or not?  Are you loving in your responses to the people you love?

I encourage you, I am begging you, to break the mold.  MOVE.  Away from the normalness of life.  Step out of your habits and routine.  Think up something new to think about.  Grab a new bull by the horns-- and this time, make sure its one of generosity, graciousness, compassion, thankfulness, "authenticness";  one of HEALTH.  You see, these... abstract ideas of happiness CREATE health.  And happiness creates the life we all dream about.  Happiness, after all, is the essence of what makes up dreams of bettering our lives, our finances, our families.  It is, however, a skewed view of life and priorities that actually detract from happiness.  It's a distorted sense of happiness that leads us to the life we have grown accustomed to choosing.

move.  in a direction that will take you places.

Monday, September 9, 2013

A Day Without Service

The Dilemna

The challenge of living in a highly financially, socially, and agriculturally developed nation is that "food" is everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  The other perk of our highly competitive, highly driven society is that we are crazy busy and our perspective has been skewed towards academic, athletic, and financial prowess over health, family, and relational development.  I'm not saying these pursuits are wrong, however, these pursuits muddy the waters of time commitment.  And time and health are the only equalizers.

I'm not going to rant about society and its state, however, I am going to encourage us all to think a little harder about ourselves in a different light than selfishness and worldly success.  I want to encourage us to think beyond today and think about what we can do to help change our lives.  To take one step towards better choices.  To make one small choice every week that will help develop all things we tend to neglect.  All the things we tend to downplay in the midst of our busyness, trying to do what we're conditioned to believe is best for our families:  Working two jobs to be debt free, eating the cheapest food possible to lower the bills (but never giving up the $100 cell phone bill or cable or manicures, driving a car you can't afford, etc),  living on the credit card to appear wealthy and financially stable, sending kids to three different practices a week plus music lessons-- starting them at 2 or 3 years old, hovering during homework, paying for a tutor, demanding excellence, setting no boundaries or expectations for family members, being the best at work at all costs, working too many hours just to save your professional career while abolishing your family life-- you get the picture.

The Challenge

This challenge, for many in my sphere of influence, will be harder than even a day without added sugar.  This week's challenge hits during Cherokee County's Fall Break-- otherwise known as the yearly mecca to Disney.  You think I jest.  We have not been, but I hear from friends that this is very true, that Disney is filled with friends and neighbors all hailing from Cherokee County.  So what I challenge this week will be a bit harder than other weeks-- even harder than eating only real food and eating nothing with added sugar (which, as you see, are sort of the same thing).

This next week my challenge is this:  however many times you eat out on average each week, eat at home just one more time.  Exchange a night of fast food, processed food, canned foods, frozen foods, salty foods, foods rich in cancer causing fats (hydrogenated fats, trans fats), fake preservatives, fake sugars, added sugars, fake colors, well, you get the picture.  Exchange these "would be foods" (calorie sources, not nutrition sources), for nutrition rich food.  For actual food.  I don't care if it's homemade chicken salad, I just care that it's homemade.    I don't care if it's PB&J.  Just make it at home-- or wherever you are (and buy the "good' peanut butter, organic jelly, and bread that, minimally, doesn't have high fructose corn syrup.)  Eat breakfast at home, not a vegetable-lard filled refined flour biscuit, with 100s of ingredients in the chicken-thing that rests inside the butter laden mountain.  Your lunch should not come in a white logo-filled bag stuffed with logo laden napkins.  Get a lunchbox.  Stuff with something you made.  Save a few bucks.  Add a few seconds back to the length of your life.

In a week meant for family time, make the most of it.  Cook together.  Heck, make a cake or cookies or something else that's "bad" for you, but make it together.  Make it at home.  Make it in your hotel kitchen.  Make it with laughter and love.  Make a huge mess.  Just.  Make it together.

Memories aren't about meeting characters, snapping shots of monuments, or even just being with your family.  It's about... loving on your family.   It's about choosing your family over anything else.  Part of that is making the best choices for your family.  Part of that is occasionally choosing what is best over what is convenient.


We eat out.  Not gonna lie.  Not often.  That was something my parents did right.  Very right.  We didn't eat out very often.  Maybe once a week.  Maybe.  Usually not so much.  So it was never a hard thing to choose eating at home.  To choose making our food.  The change, as I've learned more and more about health and food and body and exercise and life is WHAT I make.  Is WHAT we eat AT HOME.

I understand that a week on vacay is much harder to eat at "home" than any other week.  So do this.  Cooks of the house, instead of eating out the night before you leave to keep the kitchen clean,  make too much of something when you make something this week and heat it up, serve on your best paper plate as a way to clean out the fridge a little bit more.  Or make something extra, freeze it, take it on the trip, and zap it in the microwave in your room-- most of them have one of those now.  Or make it freeze it, and pull it out and shove it in the oven when you get home.  My personal fave is the make it, freeze it, zap it.  Because who really wants to cook and clean right before or just post a long, loud, whiney drive?!?!  (Ok, I will, but I know I'm not the norm).

Enjoy each other for a week.  Enjoy each other's company.  Take a break from your expectations.  Take a break from your requirements.  Take a break from your obsessions with cleanliness, perfection, and facades of exceeding all norms.  Take a break from working so dang hard to be the best at everything.  Your kids don't want that.  They just want you.  Your attention.  Your love.  Your peacefulness.  Enjoy your kids this week.  Enjoy your spouse this week.  Enjoy yourself this week.  Make memories, not just pictures.  Even if you aren't going anywhere.  Even if you're just staying home.  Even if it's not Fall Break.

Take this week not only to make a better choice for food, but a better choice for your family.  Choose relationship over a constantly booked schedule.  Make time for your FAMILY.  Not just scheduling them for endless ball games, meetings, church affairs, homework, etc.  Play a game.  Have a dinner without TV.  Have a day without meetings or games.  Have a day without a to-do list.  Have a day without a clean living room.

So this week's challenge is to exchange one eat-out meal for one that is eaten at home.  With your family (if you have one).  If you don't have a family, have a friend over.

 Enjoy some happy time.  Enjoy some enjoyment.  Enjoy some peace.  


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

ASSumptions: Common Sense v. Convenience

The Fight
We are bombarded with so many things about diet and health.  GMOs v. Actual, Real, Untainted, Natural.  Organic v. Conventionally Grown or Raised.  Processed v. Unprocessed.  Grains v. No grains.  Vegans v. Meaties.  One meal v. Six little meals.  I mean, who has the right answer?  Is there a right answer?  There is a battle of epic proportions going on (pun intended) and no one really knows what's going on.  The food industry is a huge marketing giant that spends tons of money on making you want their product.  (Note, you don't see that many advertisements for REAL food, veggies, fruits, meats.... unless it's about a sale at a grocer)

The Truth
When it seems a little confused-- and just about anything about the body is confusing-- I lean toward common sense, experience, and history.  I generally just go with what seems the MOST right.  Because the truth is, what science and research assert to know about the body are mostly assumptions based on lab tests conducted in a test tube, a petri dish, or otherwise non-human host.  Or by observational studies.  Where people lie on the questionnaire.

So the point of my tirade is this:  We know some things to be true about eating and health.  The rest is ... a big fat guess.  And most assumptions, as the saying goes, can make an ass out of you.

Not So Common Sense
When all these things are so muddled up, I go for common sense.  Which, sometimes, isn't so common.

 Like, if you don't know what it is on the ingredient list.  Don't. Eat. It.  If it has be "enriched" with vitamins and minerals, it didn't have them in the beginning-- or at least it didn't have them after some serious processing.  If it doesn't go bad.... well, can it really be called food if it doesn't mold, rot, or ruin?  And, since ingredients are listed in the order of their percent of make up in the "food", if sugar is the second (high fructose corn syrup), fourth (dextrose), sixth (corn syrup), ninth (cane juice-- typically found in "realer" versions of "fake" food), and eleventh (sucrose) ingredient.... isn't it actually the FIRST ingredient???

You see, for whatever reason, even really smart people go a little stupid when it comes to food choices.  Many of us grew up thinking that if a lab made it, it was somehow better than if God made it.  If it was something we could control, manipulate, and create, it was somehow better than what the Creator created.  We began to think that substitutes were better than originals.  We were taught that if it was low in real and high in fake, it was certainly better for us.  We've become of culture of convenience over a people of principle.

And in a much bigger picture, many of us live life with this mindset.  Thinking fake is better than real.  Thinking that what we can control is better than Who we can Trust.  Thinking that things can replace relationships.  That NOW is of greater importance than forever.

Weekly Challenge #2
So Week 2's Challenge is Real Food Tuesday.  For one day, just one, you eat nothing but real food. Nothing processed (fundamentally changed from its original source).  I don't even care how you cook it.  (But notice that BREAD (ie flour) is NOT on the list, neither are grits, crackers, "normal"/flour cookies, soft drinks-- no brainer, really, just stop those already)

Looks a little like this (And note, there are both grains and tiny amounts of sugar)


Steel Cut Oats
Mixed Berries
Water first, then Coffee

Snack (if you have to)
Apple with Almond/Cashew/Peanut Butter
Cucumbers, Carrots, Celery and real taziki

Chicken Salad made with grapes, apples, pecans, boiled eggs, spicy or garlic mustard for moisture-- avoid mayo
Butter lettuce (to make wraps)
Water or unsweet tea

Snack (if you have to)
Handful of nuts and 2 oz RAW organic cheese
OR Strawberries and plain Greek yogurt (NOT the flavor kind, GOBS of sugar)

Ratatouille (sauteed eggplant, yellow squash, zucchini, tomatoes with garlic-- see pic below)
Crumbled Feta cheese
Grilled Chicken Breast

Grilled Steak
Steamed green beans (something green, asparagus, brocolli, wilted greens)
Roasted Rosemary carrots
Tricolor quinoa w/ butter and seasonings

Little Deeper
Now, why do I venture away from processed foods?  Read the dang label.  It's absolutely amazing what is packaged, marketed, and sold as "food".  Particularly HEALTH food!!!!!  (try reading those labels aloud!!)  Why do I feel like this?  Have you watched the news, read a magazine, or listened to the radio?  All sorts of diseases are rampant.  And what has changed more than anything?  Our food production, mass distribution of "food", and diet choices and lifestyle we have created out of this "bounty".

I mean, look at what processing your hair does.  It ruins it.  It has to be intensely conditioned after 'improving' it.  Why would we think that eating highly processed foods would do anything else to our insides than rot them out?

On the Surface
Look at what acrylics and gels have done to our fingernails.  It DESTROYS them.  Why would smothering our bodies with plastics and preservatives and parabens and pthylates and sulfates do anything else?  It all seeps in, skin is porous, remember?  Your body was created by One Smart Dude to be able to handle the onslaughts of nature... but these... unnatural, synthetics... your body can only take so much before you exhaust it.  And disease ensues.

Real Food Tuesday.  Or whatever day it is that works best for your life.  But do it.  You'll feel better that you did.  And who knows, maybe these common sense approaches might make an ass out of me for assuming real is better than fake, but at least I'll feel better, look better, have a healthier weight, better skin, and (statistically) a lower chance of many of the most "popular" diseases in America.

So if that's where my assumption gets me, I'll be that (smart) ass.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Makin' a Comeback

Life has been... crazy.  And blogging, well, blogging is the first thing to take a hit when life gets a little hectic.  I'm just being honest.  I'm not willing to waste sweet hours of sleep to stay up and write until I can no longer open my eyes.  It's not healthy.  (At least that's going to be my reason)

My Comeback is here.  And I'm sure I'll go through this cycle again, but for now, we're starting over.

A new school year has begun for many, which, let's be honest, is like having a second New Year's Resolution time.  We make plans of what we're going to accomplish with kids in school.  We make plans of better lunches for the kids in school.  We make plans to spend better time with our kids while they're not in school.  We make plans to help them in any way we possibly can.  We ALSO make plans for ourselves (if there is new found freedom with kiddos away for a few hours a day).

If you don't have kids, you have no idea what I'm babbling about.  You are the minority.

But for the rest of us-- for moms particularly-- a new school year is a time to refocus.

When I refocus, I don't know about you, but I need small things.  Little steps.  Otherwise, I get overwhelmed, followed by irritated, which is inevitably followed by grumpy.  Then I quit.  That's my MO.  I'll admit it. So in order to avoid this modis operandi, I make small things a focus.  One step at a time.

I will challenge you to do the same.

Better Eating: pre-101 (the intro course to Better Eating, like preAlgebra)

Sugar Free Thursdays
On a random day, I choose Thursdays, there will be no added sugars in any of the foods we eat.  None.  Zilch.  Not in coffee, not in breakfast, not in lunch, not in dinner, not in snacks. You get the picture.

No syrup, no cookies, no ice cream, no yogurt.

Why?  Basically, the shortest version possible:

 Sugar, is indeed, the devil.
 It is disease and dysfunction in the best possible disguise of yummy tastiness.  It will kill you.  Slowly.  It will rot your nerves, your brain, your organs, and your memory.  If you really want details, google effects of sugar on health.   There will no shortage of results, not only from Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola, but from well recognized super conventional "health" organizations.  You can also check out  my facebook page Inlign Chiropractic to see numerous postings about sugary-satans by people far smarter and more literate in anatomy and physiology than I.

Oh dear Lord, you're thinking.  WHAT will eat?
Food.  How about that?  (and try Pintrest or the Twit, seriously, #cleaneating, #heandsheeatclean)

Breakfast: *notice nothing even remotely sweet-- there's good reason*
2-3 Scrambled eggs
2 Strips of uncured, hormone/anitbiotic free bacon
12 oz water
8-10 oz of coffee (nothing or organic half and half only-- add some straight cinnamon for added wonderfulness)

Grilled Chicken
Spinach Salad Mix
Organic Grape tomatoes
Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Pepper
water or La Croix, maybe unsweet tea

Fiber-y fruit (apple, pear, peach, nectarine, berries)
organic raw cheese 2-3 oz
OR 2-4 oz of raw or toasted cashews, almonds, pecans

Grass Fed Steak
Sweet Potato w/ organic butter and cinnamon-- you don't need sugar, it's a SWEET potato
Roasted, steamed, or otherwise broccoli

Now, what did you accmoplish within this day? A whole lot.  You ate every color, except maybe blue or purple unless you chose berries as your snack.  You ate REAL food.  Believe it or not, it's even a gluten free day, it doesn't HAVE to be, but this is just what it looks like.

The thing is, look at your labels, they put sugar in EVERYTHING.  EVERYTHING.  Pizza dough.  Tomato sauce.  Sandwich meats.  Peanut Butter.  Cereal.  OMG it's smothering in cereals.  Oatmeal.  Bread.  Frozen meats (dextrose/sucrose/maltose).  Beer.  And don't forget fake sugars.  Your beloved "health food bars" are laden with fake sugars, which are FAR worse than actual sugar-- we'll do a challenge for that one, too.

This is the deal.  Strippin' it down:  you are what you eat.  If you eat disease and dysfunction, you will be diseased and dysfunctional.  Sugar is toxic in the body.  Ask a diabetic.  One that's lost a foot.  Or eyesight.  Or a sense of touch.  Sugar will destroy your body.  From the inside out.  Slowly.  One teaspoon at time.

This new academic year, take yourself to school, and learn how to care about you and your kids.  Cut the crap.  Eliminate it out of your pantry.  Eliminate the need for a pantry.

But you can wait to start till next Thursday ;)  Prepare yourself.  Prepare the hubs/wifey.  Make way for the tantrums from the kiddos.  Sugar will be a dirty word in your house.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chiropractic: The Common Sense Approach

The thing that's frustrating about being a chiropractor (if you remove insurance woes from the picture), is that truly, most people don't know what it is we do.  

We are pain doctors to most folks--even for most of our own patients.  We are headache miracle removers.  We are the back pain specialists extraordinaire.  For the smart crowd, we are athletic performance enhancers.  For the "crunchy, all natural crowd", we are their primary care physicians. It's all so very confusing for you and frustrating for us.

I mean, how many other physicians offer discounts for care, bundle their services, beg to talk to groups of anyone who will listen, ask to set up your desk so you don't get aches and pains and headaches?  Beg you to let them change your life?

It's a catch 22 for us.  Believe me, we don't want to beg for your business.  We know it cheapens our reputation as doctors.  We know it can come across as a pushy used car salesman.  It's not like we enjoy constantly seeking new patients because no one seems to get the importance of health.  If we make you sit and listen to our passionate lesson about the importance of your spine, and you're gonna die if you don't get adjusted three times a week for the next 32 years, it's annoying for you and often a major turn off.  For us, if we DON'T tell you how important your spine is, if we DON'T tell you how you need to have regular chiropractic care to have a fully functioning nervous system, NO ONE ELSE WILL.  And you will suffer poor health with bouts of "the chiropractor can fix that pain" on a regular basis. FORREEEVVVVVVVVERRRRRRR.

We know that we can change your life if you'll give us a chance.  We know that the root of your problem is NOT a lack of medication.  We know secrets to a better life.

But you don't.  So here goes...

Why do you need a chiropractor?

You have a spine and nervous system.  Sounds stupid, right?  But you see a dentist because your have teeth.  You see an optometrist because you have eyes.  You see a physical therapist to rehab an injury.  If you called your neurologist (which you can't do without a referral most of the time), just to have them make sure everything was ok, it would cost you a fortune-- not to mention he or she might not even know how to handle that appointment.

Chiropractors check and maintain the nervous system with a goal of keeping you from disease.  The nervous system runs everything in your body.  Everything.  So what I do when you come in is check everything (without costing a fortune!).  

If, however, you are indeed spineless, there is no need for a chiropractor.  I can't help with that.

There are some super simple things you can do to see if you might need a chiropractor.

1.  Neurological Imbalance Test
Take your shoes off.  Stand on one foot.  Pick a foot, any foot that belongs to your leg.  Stand on it.  If you find it difficult, there is neurological interference in your body.

Switch feet and repeat.

Now, close your eyes-- but make sure you can catch yourself if you fall.  Worse?

You totally need to see a chiropractor.  Your body can't tell where it is in space (proprioception) and your neurological pathways to your muscles are confused by the mixed up messages they are getting, making you unsteady, clumsy, and prone to injury of all kinds.

2.  Neurological  and/or Biomechanical Interference Test
Lay face down with your head actually down (like, not to the side).  Without bending your knee, lift one leg in the air at a time.
Any pain?
Was one slower or heavier to lift versus the other?

Then you need a chiropractor.  There is for sure biomechanical interference and likely neurological interference as your nerves and brain tell your muscles and bones what to do. 

3.  Neurological and Visceral (organ) Interference Questionnaire
   1.  Do you eat artificial sugars?
   2.  Do you eat artificial colors?
   3.  Do you eat artificial preservatives?
   4.  Do you eat non-organic, processed (not raw) dairy products?
   5.  Do you have gas or bloating problems on a regular basis?
   6.  Do you have painful, irregular, inconsistent, or unpredictable bowel movements?
   7.  Do you have chronic sinus problems, from congestion to infections?
   8.  Have you or your child(ren) experienced chronic ear infections?
   9.  Do you have itchy, dry and/or cracking skin?
  10. Do you have chronic UTIs, yeast infections, or incontinence?

To any above question, If you answered yes (and where's the camera she's watching me from?!?!), then you totally need a chiropractor.  You are attacking your own body with the choices you're making and a quality, holistic chiropractor is the answer to your "sick and tired of being sick and tired".  

4.  Neurological and Hormonal Interference Questionnaire
   1.  Do you experience chronic fatigue?
   2.  Have you noticed an inability to lose (or gain) weight?
   3.  Do you notice an often overwhelming sense of darkness?
   4.  Do you feel like you are on edge, worried, or scared?
   5.  Do you find sleep difficult?
   6.  Are you irritable between meals?
   7.  Do you have mood swings?
   8.  Are you exhausted even after you've slept?
   9.  Does exercise make you gain weight?
  10. (Women) Are your menstrual cycles, painful, irregular, heavy, or non existent?

Still looking for my hidden camera on your life?  You totally need a chiropractor.  Your body and your hormones are no longer talking to each other.  The answer is not to medicate and then medicate for side effects, the ANSWER is to find out WHY your body has stopped listening to itself.  The ANSWER is determine what is not working well and figure out how to make it work again-- not to give a medication and destroy your liver, stomach, intestines, relationships, and budget.

If you had any affirmatives for the any of the above neurological interference tests, you totally need a chiropractor.  We are the only doctors (and yes, we are fully licensed doctors, we simply don't medicate you, shoot you up, or cut you) who assess the integrity of your nervous system PRIOR to disease.  

For the skeptic who thinks we are fake doctors, we spend more hours in anatomy and physiology than your general practitioner.  And... Gravity existed long before Newton "discovered" it or how to measure it and quantify it.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Know Why Before How

It's the season for resolutions.  Every professional know-it-all has an opinion on the issue.  Even unprofessional wanna-be's have opinions on how you should decide to do something.  Or not to do something.  I don't know what category I fall into, but I might as well have an opinion.

I think resolutions are necessary.  I think we do them wrong.  As is customary in American culture, we itemize tasks that need improvement without fully vetting the issue.  We determine our wants prior to our needs.  We work for perfection without knowing what we're working towards.

You see, I think resolutions should focus on who you want to be, not what you want to look like.  Not where you want to be.  Not what you want to stop or when you want to go to bed.

I say we focus on the things that really matter.  And everything else will fall into place.

Once you decide who you want to be, you'll know what you want to do.  Focus on your REAL goals, your END goals-- and you'll have no need for to-do list resolutions every year that simply repeat themselves.

So the question begs, who do you want to be?  Often asked, "How do you want to be remembered?"  "What will people say in your eulogy-- or what do you WANT people to say at your eulogy?"

Are you living that way? 

What the heck does "Good" mean, anyway?  Good is far too generic, in my way of thinking.  Good?  Does that mean easy to talk to?  Quick to help?  Generous?  Happy? Loving?  Rich?

WHO do you really want to be? Is 'good' good enough?

What really matters to you?  Do you want your family to be first?  What does that look like?  What does that mean for your family?  For YOU?

What really matters to you?  Do you want to be compassionate and selfless?  What are you doing to become that?

What really matters to you?  Do you want to give yourself to something bigger than yourself?  What is it?  What are you doing to DO that?

What really matters to you?  Do you want to be a positive influence on everyone you meet?  How are you doing that?

What really matters to you? 

Because THAT is where you spend your time, effort, and intentions.

Do you just want wealth?  Do you simply want to turn heads?  Do you only want a self-centered life where you are the only person that matters?  Are you living like that anyway?

Have you allowed bitterness or anger to consume you?  Does your mirror reflect your misery?

Have you allowed greed to consume your whole life?  Does your family reflect your chronic irritation because more is never enough?

Has your obsession with your physique caused you to be so self absorbed that you can't see beyond your treadmill tv?  Does your relationship suffer because you hate yourself so much?

Has your addiction hindered you to the point of isolation?  Does your family suffer from your inability to break the habit?

What REALLY matters to you? 

What really needs to happen this year?

Should you be creating a task list or should you be staring in the mirror? 

What will get the best results?  Lasting results.  Results that ACTUALLY matter.

Before you can decide what you want to DO, you need to decide WHO you want to BE.  Until you know who you want to be, eveything else is just noise.  Clutter.  To screw with what really matters.

This year decide who you want to be and do everything in your power to get there.  Make your tasks-to-do check off, but make it really matter.  Focus on what really matters.

Resolve.  But know why.